History of the Department
           Department of Computer Science (SF) was started on June 19, 2008 with sanctioned strength of 24 students and now we have intake of 48 students. We have a good laboratory to train the students in practicals. We strive hard to lead students in computer science education that has real world impact , to push the frontiers of the field and produce the next generation’s technical developers.
The Department strives for excellence in creating, applying, and imparting knowledge in computer science through comprehensive educational programs.
To provide a strong theoretical and practical background across the computer science discipline with an emphasis on software development by Imparting the skills of the students.
  1. To educate students how to implement the principles of computer science, mathematics and scientific investigation to solve real-world problems appropriate to the regulation.
  2. To coach student’s lifelong learning skills, this will concede them to successfully accommodate to evolve technologies throughout their professional careers.
  3. To equip students for employment and advanced studies, and afford them with momentous experiences in complex software advancement for real-world problems.
  4. To instruct students’ effective teamwork, communication and interpersonal skills that empowers them to work with others effectively in their professional careers.
  5. To develop students to function honestly and responsibly, and to be conscious of ethical, social, global, legal, security and professional controversies related to computing.
  • The programmes offered in the department are designed to meet the growing demand for qualified professionals in the field of computer Science.
  • Computer Lab with latest hardware and software installed.
  • Well equipped infrastructure & computing facilities.
  • Good placement records.
  • Well defined student mentoring process.
  • Excellent academic results.
  • Focus on placement preparation & continuous assessment.
  • Motivation for Self learning initiatives.
  • Well defined teaching-learning process with use of technology based teaching methodologies.
  • Orientation programs for 1st year students.
  • Extracurricular activities such as Computer and Spoken English classes conducted for all students.
Programme Outcomes

PO1. Identify problems and formulate solutions for systems and organizations.

PO2. Communicate effectively with a range of audiences.

PO3. Work effectively as part of a team to develop and deliver quality output.

PO4. Recognize the applicability of computing and evaluate its impact on individuals and organizations.

PO5. Evaluate and use appropriate methods and professional standards in computing practice.

PO6. Apply knowledge of computing within technical domains.

PO7. The ability to understand, analyze and develop computer programs in the area of computer science and to solve computer software and hardware related problems.

PO8. The ability to gain knowledge in diverse area of computer science and apply for successful career entrepreneurship and higher studies.

PO9. Ability to use knowledge of ethical principles required to work in a team.

Programme Specific Outcomes

PSO1. Apply fundamental principles and methods of Computer Science to a wide range of applications.

PSO2. Adapt to new developments in the field of Computer Science.

PSO3. Analyze and compare alternative solutions to computing problems.

PSO4. Apply advanced algorithmic and mathematical concepts to the design and analysis of software.

PSO5. Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.

PSO6. Think critically and creatively, both independently and with others.

PSO7. Recognize the social and ethical responsibilities of a professional working in the discipline.

Designation Photo Name & Qualification Description
Head of the Department Assistant Professor Mrs. J.R Suganya
She has 14 years of experience as the Head of the Department since 2008. Expertise in Image Processing, attended 10 seminars and conferences. Member of Board of Studies in Scott Christian College, Nagercoil since 2016.
Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Mrs.S Sunitha
She has 12 years of experience since 2009. Expertise in Software Engineering, attended 12 seminars and conferences and presented 3 papers in National and State level . Published 3 papers in International journals and 1 paper in National journal.
Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Mrs.Ajitha S Raj
She has 9 years of experience since 2013. Expertise in Computer Networking, attended 9 seminars and conferences.
Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Mrs.T.Benila Christabel
She has 9 years of experience since 2013. Expertise in Image Processing, attended 9 seminars and conferences. Presented 4 papers in International level.
Management Scholarship for the Student who secure highest mark in I & II semester.           
Management Scholarship for the Student who secure highest mark in III & IV semester.           
Management Scholarship for the Student who secure highest mark in all the V semester.
          The Computer Science Department Alumnae Meet is being conducted every year. The Alumnae meet is to reconnect with the Alumni and celebrate their success and various achievements.