History of the Department
           The M.Sc. Chemistry Department was introduced in Womenís Christian College on 17.07.2009 with an initial sanctioned strength of 20 students with three staff members. The Department was then headed by Mrs S.Sofia. In the second year, three more staff members were apponted and student strength rose to 50 . In the year 2011, M.Phil. was introduced with six students and a new staff was recruited for the same. The Department provides the best for the students and encourages in research activities.
           To prepare empowered graduates with a productive career.
           We strive for the dual commitment of imparting knowledge to the students and motivating them to pursue research.
To develop laboratory skills in performing experiments, recording and interpreting the results. To motivate students towards environmental issues and sustainable development. The department works forward to lay a strong foundation in the students in academic areas.
1.The department equipped with internet facilities to offer the students a meaningful foundation in e-learning.           
2.The department gives an initiation into research by training the students in presenting papers.           
3.The department encourages students to compete in competitive exams like NET, SLET.           
4.There is a special coaching class for the under performers to make them successful.           
5.We in the department train the students to present paper by conducting paper presentation session once in two months.           
6.The students are trained to take seminars.           
7.We in the department conduct National seminar in which we have eminent personalities as talkers.           
8.We help the poor students with financial aid.           
9.We take the students to seminars and conferences, whenever possible to give them a better exposure.

Designation Photo Name & Qualification Description
Head Of Department Assistant Professor Dr. R.Ajitha
M.Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D
Dr. R.Ajitha has 7 Years experience. She guided two M.Phil scholars successfully. She is a member of Social worker.
Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Dr.P.Kavitha
M.Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D.
Dr.P.Kavitha is working as an Assistant Professor in PG department of Chemistry, since 2010. Previously she worked in Vins Christian College of Engineering, Chunkankadai as Assistant Professor for one year. She has guided four M.Phil scholars. She has published research papers in National and International journals and she has presented papers in National seminars/ Conferences. Presently, she is a recognised guide in Chemistry for PhD programmes. Her area of research is Environmental Geo Chemistry. She has participated many National seminars/conferences.
Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Dr. N.K.Amaliya
M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Dr. N.K.Amaliya has been appointed as assistant professor in the department of chemistry (SF) since 2.1.2012.she is the alumni of this college.she was enrolled as a research scholar of this college in the chemistry research centre under the guidance of Dr.Sugirtha P.Kumar. She has completed her Ph.D research on "Physico-chemical evaluation of surface and ground water of Kanyakumari district, Tamilnadu, India" and was awarded with her doctorate degree on 24.10.2014 by convenor Dr.K.Palanivelu, centre for environmental studies, Anna University, Chennai. She has guided one M.Phil and nearly 10 PG projects successfully
Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Dr. C.Blessy
M.Sc., M.Phil Ph.D
Dr. C.Blessy has been appointed as Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry since 20.06.2016. Her area of research is Inorganic Chemistry. She is guiding three M.Sc students at present. She has published two papers in International level and also she has presented a paper in International seminar
Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Mrs. N. Shiny
M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phil.
Mrs.N.Shiny has 2 years of teaching experience. She is the alumini of this college. At present, she is doing her research in organic synthesis and she has attended many national and international seminars
Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Dr. N.J.Sangeetha
M.Sc.,M.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Dr. N.J.Sangeetha is workingin the Department of Chemistry. She has two years of experience in B.Ed. College and guided three M.Phil.scholars successfully. She has completed her Ph.D. thesis entitled, "Studies on Some Novel Polyurethane Composites based on Natural Products" under the guidance of Dr.A.MalarRetna, Assistant Professor,Department of Chemistry, Scott Christian College (Autonomous), Nagercoil. She has published six articles in various journals and presented four papers in conferences and seminars.
The postgraduate Department welcomed the freshers on 24.7.2014. The inauguration of the Chemistry Association for the year 2014-2015 was held on 14.08.2014. The chief guest for the same was Dr.A.Ramalingom Pillai, HOD of chemistry, Lekshmipuram college of arts and science, Neyyoor. The guest of honour gave an illuminating talk on 'Global Environmental foot prints'. There was a paper presentation session held by the PG Department in which Miss A.Heart Valarmathi, M.Phil research scholar presented a paper on the 'Advantages of Bio Diesel'.