Mrs. M. Jaslin Melbha
    Mathematics Dept

   Rev. (Mrs.) Starie Princilal

Student Secretary
    Ms. R. Suriya
    III Zoology

Joint Secretary
    Ms. A. Ancy Biyatess
    III Chemistry

Dr. T. Ida Selva Rani Tamil Dept
Dr. Vinila Dennis English Dept
Mrs. C. Sunitha Mathematics Dept
Mrs. C. R. Shyniya Physics Dept
Dr. D. Helen Chemistry Dept
Dr. S.P.R. Kalai Kathir Chemistry Dept
Mrs. T. Beula Darling Computer Science Dept
Mrs.S. Sunitha Computer Science Dept
Dr. S. Jaqulin Goldi Botany Dept
Dr. G.J. Jenila Zoology Dept
Dr. T.N. Suseela History Dept
Dr. N. Jayanthi Economic Dept
Dr. T.P. Sherin Commerce Dept
Mrs. D. Jeraldin Thangam CDF Dept
Dr.K.S. Alvi Librarian
Student Representatives
Ms. V.S. Blessy Jasmin III B.Com
Ms. S.P. Ancilin Mino II Physics

Activities of the academic year 2018-2019
         It gives me immense pleasure to submit the SCMI annual report of the academic year 2018-2019. SCMI is a students movement with Christian ethos which maintains a fellowship of students, teachers and senior friends with commitments to translate Christian faith into action through contemporizing faith in Jesus Christ by discerning critically the signs of times.
         SCMI meetings are being conducted regularly on all Fridays from 8.45 a.m to 9.15 a.m. SCMI unit also conducted a special prayer meeting to the examination going students on 12.10.2018 and 06.04.2019.
         As Christmas is a festival of sharing, a sum of Rs. 41783/- was collected through a grand Christmas sale and was given to the poor and needy people of the public, charitable homes, various ministries and the physically challenged candidates of our college. Through class carol rounds the students proclaim the birth of Jesus Christ. Bro. R. Rathesh Baven [Yesu Nallavar Village Ministries] delivered the Christmas message. Christian students hosted the non Christian students by giving Christmas cakes.
         To increase the moral values of the students a one day retreat was conducted on 18.01.2019. Rev. Dr. Rajesh Duthie, Associate Director, GEMS, addressed the students on the theme "Victory over Victory". It made the students to dedicate their lives to Christian values.
         On behalf of SCMI, a farewell function was given to the six retired staff members on 16.04.2019.
May His name alone be glorified.