Research Project
UGC XII Plan Minor Research Project
1. Dr.R.Vasantha, Dept. of Zoology
          Title: "Studies on the Seasonal Variation of Productivity and Microbial Diversity in Thengapattinam Estuary
2. Dr.A.Tresa Josephine Rani, Dept. of History
          Title: "Empowerment of Tribal Women in Kanyakumari District" (Tamil Nadu)

UGC XI Plan Major Research Project

1. Dr.M.M.Latha, Dept. of Physics
          Title: "Solition excitations in discrete alpha helical proteins with inters pine Coupling at higher order."
2. Dr.Sugirtha P.Kumar,Dept of Chemistry
          Title: "Nutrient and mineral flux in relation to productivity in the mangrove Ecosystem of Manakudy estuary, South West Coast of India."
3. Dr.R.Rathiha,Dept. of Commerce
          Title: "Women Entrepreneurship in small-scale industries
4. Dr.Beena Lawrence, Dept. of Botany.
          Title: "In situ conservation of rare, endangered and threatened plants."

UGC XII Plan Internal Quality Assurance Cells (IQAC)

Dr.G.Suganthi, Dept. of Computer Science

UGC XII Plan Women's Studies Centre

Dr.A.Tresa Josephine Rani, Dept. of History

Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences (BRNS)

Dr.M.M.Latha, Dept. of Physics
          Title:"Quantum and Temperature Effects on Soliton in 2+1 Dimensional Alpha Helical Proteins"