Physics Research
* The Department of Physics was established in 1985 and it emerged as a Research Department in March 2011.           
* The Physics Research Department provides opportunity for the Physics graduates to look forward to a fruitful career in Research Development and in some sectors of the knowledge based new economy, besides the teaching career in schools, colleges and technical institutions.           
* With a balance of youth and experience on the faculty, researches being carried out in the fields of Material Science, Radiation Physics, Spectroscopy, Crystal Physics and Non-linear Dynamics. Scholars are encouraged to gain qualitative and quantitative research experience.           
* There are 4 approved guides in the department.
* To provide opportunities for acquiring both experimental and theoretical research experience.           
* To facilitate the research experience, while modeling accepted research methods, laboratory skills and ethics of the Scientific Community.
Research guides
Photo Name & Qualification Description
Assistant Professor Dr. C. M. Padma,Principal
M. Sc., PGDCA, M. Phil., Ph. D.
Dr. C. M. Padma had acquired her academic degrees from Madurai Kamaraj University and Manonmaniam Sundaranar University. She has about 29 years of teaching experience. Currently she is the Principal of the College. She has about 11 years of research experience. Continue Reading...
Assistant Professor Dr. M. M.Latha
M.Phil., Ph. D
Dr. M. M. Latha area of research is Nonlinear Dynamics. She was published 24 international Journals.She has 20 years experience in research.She communicated 7 paper.she attened 8 International Conferences.She referee to 6 International Journals. Continue Reading...
Assistant Professor Dr. D. Usha
M.Sc.,M.Phil., Ph.D
Dr. D. Usha is a recognised Guide in Manonmaniam Sundaranar University. Her area of research is Spectroscopy, Nano materials and Energy Physics. She has guided 4 M. Phil scholars. At present, 6 Ph. D scholars and 1 M. Phil scholar are pursuing research under her guidance. She is a member of the Doctoral Committee in M S University. She has published 11 papers in reputed journals and has attended many national and international seminars and conferences.
Assistant Professor Dr. V. Bena Jothy
M. Sc., PGDCA, M. Phil., Ph. D
Dr. V. Bena Jothy has served in the Department of Physics for 27 years out of which, she has got taught PG students for 14 years. She has passed the State Level Screening Test conducted by the University of Madras in 1990. Presently, she is a research guide of the Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli guiding 8 research scholars and co-guiding 3 research scholars. Continue Reading...
Assistant Professor Dr.G.Shanthi
M.Sc.,M.Phil., Ph.D
Her area of research is Radiation Physics and Solar Physics. She has published 4 research papers in the international journals ( Two in Radiation Protection Dosimetry , One each in Current Science and Nuclear instruments and methods in Physics Research). Continue Reading....
Merriot Kamala Justus merit price - Rs. 1000. the best student in I M.Com.