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    Physics Dept
    Mrs. J. Rajeshni Golda
    Mathematics(SF) Dept

Dr. R. Kala Gnana Selvam Tamil Dept
Mrs. L. Ezhil Prafula English Dept
Dr. D. Usha Physics Dept
Dr. P. Kavitha Chemistry Dept
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Student Representatives
Ms. M. KalKipriya. Kala Gnana Selvam III History
Ms. Beni K III English

Activities of the academic year 2019-2020

Activities of the academic year 2018-2019
          The Entrepreneurship Development Cell helps the students to turn their ideas and passions into business and develop future business leaders. It helps our students to develop the skills necessary to become self-sufficient business leaders through entrepreneurship activities. The Entrepreneurship Development Cell of our college conducted nine certificate courses for about 450 students with thirteen instructors. The cell conducted Doll making, Tailoring, Fashion Jewel making, Hand embroidery, Flower making, Glass painting, Fabric printing, Sequins work and Self grooming for all the final year under graduate students. To promote Women entrepreneurship, an Incubation Centre has been started in our College campus during December 2018. The cell acknowledges the support provided by the Management, Principal and the efforts taken by the staff and students to strengthen its activities.
Certificate Courses Offered By The Entrepreneur Cell
Doll Making
Glass Painting
Flower Making
Sequins Works
Fabric Painting
Self Grooming
Fashion Jewellery Making