History of the Department
           In the academic year 1973-74, the year when W.C.C. was founded, the English department started functioning in this campus with three faculty members who were connoisseurs of English, namely, Mrs. Joy Gnanadason, Mrs. Indra Alexander, and Mrs. Kamala Justus. The college then had four P.U.C. batches. Then on, the English department has shown astounding growth and service in the field of education. It has grown to greater heights producing very good results and university ranks. The English department established its position as a major department when English Literature was introduced and taught as a major subject in the year 1981. Thereafter the department has been growing in leaps and bounds. It has been imparting quality education and consistently there has been excellent results. The first batch of UG students came out with 100% success. When W.C.C. got affiliation to undergraduate courses like english, History, Economics, Physics, and Computer Science, the strength of the department grew from 3 to 11. The department became full-fledged in the year 2006 when P.G. course (S.F) in English Literature was given recognition by the M.S. University. The Department was recognized as a Research Centre in the year 2011-2012. Dr. Nirmala Manuel, our former Principal has guided 7 research scholars. Most of the Principals of our college starting with Dr. Joy Gnanadason, Mrs. E.G.M. Johnson, Mrs. Indra Alexander, Dr. Vasanthavathy and Dr. Nirmala Manuel were form the English Department. Thirteen staff members have retired from service with outstanding performance and new staff members have been appointed from time to time. The college is proud of its efficient faculty members.
           To be placed in the society to shine like little lamps sending forth the flame of knowledge, love, service and sacrifice for the betterment of human relationship and thereby bring glory to God.
           To impart holistic education that enables the students to face life with confidence and take up better jobs in future and be better citizens of the nation.
  1. To give quality education to students
  2. To equip the students intellectually, to be placed well in the society
  3. To enhance the students creative skills
  4. To train the students to develop their communication skills.
  5. To equip the students to be responsible citizens so that they can meet the needs of the society
  • Securing university ranks is a regular feature with our students. Moreover the pass percentage has been consistently above 90 %. The department maintains the list of rank holders. Rank holders and meritorious students are honoured with scholarships and prizes during the College Annual Day celebrations.
  • Bridge Course in English is conducted every year for all the first year students of B.A. /B.Sc./B.Com and for English Literature students. This course helps to bridge the gap between school and college level learning. The students pick up the rudiments of English grammar.
  • Three faculty members are in charge of a weekly seminar hour. They organize the first, second and the third year students to arrange one literary programme for every seminar hour such as one act plays, skits, ballad recitation, elocution, dumb charades, quiz, short story writing, on the spot development of stories for proverbs, acting out poems and literary characters, etc. Guest lectures are also arranged during these sessions.
  • Lit Arena is a mega one-day inter-collegiate meet held annually and hosted by the department of English since 1997. The theatre day is celebrated with on-stage and off-stage events. Colleges from Kanyakumari and Tirunelveli districts participate. The college scoring the maximum points will be awarded the rolling shield. The students plan the budget for the programme, and carry out the responsibilities. The finance for this programme is generated by the students and through the sale of the department news letter Sparks.
  • Our department regularly publishes a newsletter SPARKS. An editorial board consisting of students executes the job in a very efficient manner. The major features of the issue are: Editorial, Interview, Poetry of the Season, Try it you will like it, Eye Openers (letters to the editor) Beauty tips, Advertisements etc. The publication of this news bulletin helps the students to develop their skills in creative writing, leadership skills, self confidence, team spirit and to establish a touch with the media world.
  • The English Literary Association conducts meetings, seminars and competitions. Guest speakers are invited to speak on current literary topics or to share their experiences in a particular field. Competitions are conducted and the winners are honoured in the valedictory meet every year.
  • English Association meetings are conducted in which students from other major subjects who study Part II English are involved in the Association activities.
  • A Language Lab has been set up for the use of students. Our department library houses more than six hundred books. There is a separate library with another six hundred books for the use of students. The books in the students library are gift books collected by the students. Students celebrate library weeks and conduct competitions, and give prizes to donors and readers. Audio-visual aids like OHP, VCD player, Digital Camera, Handy Cam, and LCD Projector are available to make teaching learning process more meaningful and interesting.
  • Lamp lighting is a solemn ceremony arranged by the faculty to bid farewell to the outgoing students. The out-going students are presented with a small lamp. The mother lamp was donated to the department by the very first batch of English major students. The students light their lamps from the flame of the mother lamp. The staff members bless the students, singing a farewell song and the Head of the department gives the benediction saying that they are going into the world to shine like lamps they have lighted that day.
Programme Outcomes

PO1. To introduce to the learners the rich literary tradition in Indian writing in English.

PO2. To familiarize the students with the evolution of the genre of fiction in Britain.

PO3. To introduce the students to the Australian literary texts and approach them from a postcolonial perspective.

PO4. To acquaint the students with different literary era, movements and authors relating to American history and literature.

PO5. To enhance the communicative competence by improving the grammatical skills.

PO6. To introduce the various genres and forms of literature.

PO7. To give a clear and systemic understanding of the national changes and developments that influenced British Literature.

PO8. To provide a historical perspective of British poetry.

PO9. To provide a socio-cultural perspective of Caribbean Writings.

P10. To impart proficiency in pronunciation and oral communication.

P11. To acquaint the students to the growth and development of English drama from a historical perspective.

P12. To introduce the major schools of literary criticism to the students.

P13. To acquaint the students with the global literary and cultural sensibilities prevalent in other parts of the globe.

P14. To sensitise the students about the problems women face in the patriarchal cultural milieu.

P15. To introduce the students to the challenges of the constantly evolving world of journalism and Mass Communication.

P16. To develop the creative writing skills latent in the students.

P17. To acquaint the students to the dramatic and theatrical conventions of Shakespeare.

P18. Enable the students to make comparisons in terms of theme, rhetorical structure, and genre.

Programme Specific Outcomes

PSO1. To enhance vocabulary and usage of English through reading and writing.

PSO2. To familiarize the students with the historical movements and the cultural politics.

PSO3. To enhance communicative and creative skills through literature.

PSO4. To use appropriate language skills for various communicative functions in different socio-cultural contexts.

PSO5. To accustom the students to the various dramatic devices and techniques used in the genre.

PSO6. To develop multi-tasking skills required in the dynamic multi-media and convergent environment.

PSO7. To enable the students to gain insights into the different cultures and milieu.

PSO8. To enable the students to understand the cross-cultural and historical approaches.

Designation Photo Name & Qualification Description
Head of the Department HOD Dr. J. Subitha Persis,
M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed., Ph.D.
Dr. J. Subitha Persis is working in the Department of English since 01.12.2003. Her area of specialization being Indian Writing in English, she did her research on the title, Different Dimensions in the Lives of Women - A Reading of the Select Novels of Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, Anita Nair and Amulya Malladi". She has presented papers in seminars and has published papers in various journals.
Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Dr. G. Lala
M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Dr. G. Lala is working in the department of English, Women's Christian College, Nagercoil, since 2004. Her area of specialization is American Literature. She has presented papers in many National Conferences. Her papers have been published in several reputed journals. On International Women's Day, she has been awarded with Wonderful Outstanding Women Award by Way Foundation Registered with World International Organization Committee, World United Nations.
Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Mrs. G. Dhali
M.A., M.A., M.Phil. B.ED., (SET passed)
DMrs. G. Dhali has been working in Womens Christian College since 2009. Her area of specialization is Australian Literature. She has served as the editor for the college magazine and SPARKS, the English Department magazine. She has co-authored a book for UGC - SET/NET Examination aspirants..
Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Mrs.T.S. Raja Jemi Subeitha Bai
Mrs.T.S. Raja Jemi Subeitha has 3 years of teaching experience. She has attended seminars in her area of interest and has actively participated and helped organize seminars/literary fests. She is interested in SCM activities and she has attended several Christian programs.
Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Dr.J. M. Anusha Lahi
M.A. M.Phil,SET(Eng), Ph.D.
Dr.J. M. Anusha Lahi has 7 years of teaching experience. Her area of specialization is Canadian Literature. She has passed M.A, M.Phil and State Eligibility Test (SET) for Lectureship in English.
Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Dr.Y.G.Reni
M.A. B.ED., M.Phil, PGDCA, NET(Eng),SET (Eng), Ph.D.
Dr.Y.G.Reni has 7 years of teaching experience. Her area of specialization is Australian Literature and Postcolonial Theory. She has passed M.A, B.Ed, M.Phil, M.A(Sociology), P.G.D.C.A, Hindi Sahithyacharya, National Eligibility Test(NET, Eng) and State Eligibility Test(SET, Eng).
Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Dr. Chrissie Gracelyn David
M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed., Ph.D
Dr. Chrissie Gracelyn David is serving in this institution since 2005. She was awarded Ph.D. by the Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli in 2011. Her doctoral research is on British Literture which is a special area of her interest. Her dissertation is entitled " A Thematic and Stylistic Analysis of the Novels of Graham Greene". She has presented and published a few research papers in various journals.
Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Dr. G.J. Hamlin
M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed., P.G.C.T.E., Ph.D.
An Assistant Professor with more than a decade of teaching experience. A creative and an innovative teacher who loves students in an unbiased manner. Writes poems both in Tamil and English and also loves teaching students write, learn and interpret poems. Was honoured by the Municipal Commissioner of Nagercoil in May 2020 for a Tamil poem written about the caged life of people living in containment zones. Translated the Sakitya Academi Yuva Purashkar winning Tamil novel “Thooppukkaari,” in January 2020. Received an Appreciation Certificate and an Award of Rs.1000/- for designing the Quasquicentennial Logo in the academic year 2017-2018 at Scott Christian Colllege, Nagercoil. She was conferred with “The Glory of India” Gold Medalist Award in 2019., by the Best Citizen Publishing House, New Delhi.To know more you can access the link: https://sites.google.com/view/hamlinprofile/home .
Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Dr. Vinila Dennis,
M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.,
Dr. Vinila Dennis has been working in the Department of English since 2009. Her area of interest is Caribbean literature. she did her Ph.D on the Poems of Derek Walcott. She has co-ordinated national level seminars.
Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Dr. S. Brallin Theola,
M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.,
Dr. S. Brallin Theola has been working in the Department of English since 2009. She has attended many national and international conferences and published and presented five papers.
  1. Prof.A.Vethasironmony Memorial Prize is awarded to the student who gets the highest mark in English in the two University examinations in I B.Com.
  2. Packiam Davasahayam Memorial Prize is awarded to two students studying in the II and III B.A/B.Sc who secure the highest mark in Part II English in the I and II year respectively.
  3. Hepsibah Fenn George Scholarship is awarded to the student of English Literature who secures the highest mark in Part III subjects in the first five semesters.
  4. M.R.Davadhas Memorial Prize is awarded to the best student in I year English.
  5. Alice Perinbamuthu Memorial Prize is awarded to the best student in II year English.
Departmental Activities of the academic year 2020-2021
  • Online Quizzes on Test your Pronunciation and Fun with Idioms were conducted from 08.06.2020 to 11.06.2020 and 15.07.2020 to 18.07.2020 respectively. More than 1500 participants actively participated in these quizzes.
  • A Two Day Online Workshop on The Efficacy of Classroom Activities in Teaching/ Learning was conducted on 02.07.2020 and 03.07.2020. Dr. S Subramanian, Assistant Professor of Govt. Arts College, Coimbatore served as a speaker.
  • A National level Poetry Recitation Contest was conducted on behalf of ELA from 30.07.2020 to 03.08.2020. Many students participated enthusiastically. Cash Prizes were given to the winners.
  • The Department Alumnae Meet was held on 16.08.2020. Fifty two students visited their alma mater and it was a time of cherished memories.
  • A Counselling Programme was conducted to the Freshers on 16.10.2020. The Jesus Redeems Ministry Group imbibed moral and spiritual values to the students and encouraged them to be better individuals.
  • An International Conference on Paradigm Shifts in Teaching Language, Literature and Culture was conducted from 30.10.2020 to 01.11.2020.
  • The Inaugural Meeting of the ELA was conducted online on 12.11.2020. Dr. Jeyalekshmi, Freelance Writer, USA inaugurated the Association.
  • An online Quiz was conducted to the II year students, learning Part II English on 12.12.2020 and a Communicative English Quiz was conducted on 21.12.2020 for the I year students learning Part II English.
  • The Valedictory Meeting of the ELA was conducted on 29.03.2021. Dr.Susan Roy, Assistant Professor of English, Scott Christian College, Nagercoil served as the speaker of the day.
Departmental Activities of the academic year 2016-2017
  • The English Literary Association for the academic year 2016-2017 was inaugurated on 04-10-2016.
  • The Theatre day of the English department –LITARENA’17 was celebrated on the 22nd of February 2017. Eight colleges participated in the event. Prof.Winston Somerwell, Mrs. Sheila Jacobs, Mrs.Menaka Daniel and Mrs.Promilla Dhayaseelan served as the judges. Prizes were distributed to the winners. The Rolling Trophy of Litarena ‘17 was bagged by Malankara Catholic College, Mariagiri.
  • “Litex – 2017” was organized on 21.03.2017. Ninety students from U.G and P.G English Literature participated in the event and exhibited various scenes from Literature. Dr. Sidney Shirley, Assistant Professor of English, Scott Christian College, Nagercoil and Dr. Cinu Nair, Assistant Professor of English, S.T. Hindu College, Nagercoil judged the performance of the students.
  • The Valedictory meeting of the English Literary Association was conducted on 27.03.2017.
Departmental Activities of the academic year 2017-2018
  • The Inauguration of the English Literary Association was conducted on 18.08.2017. Dr. N.Janarthanan, formerly Professor, Scott Christian College, Nagercoil was the chief guest. The Inaugural address was based on the conflict between Man and Nature with reference to the poems of William Wordsworth.
  • The Department of English, inaugurated the English Association on 22-08-2017. The Chief Guest of the day was Mr. M. Sebastin, Former Professor & Head of the Department of English, Scott Christian College, Nagercoil. In his address the Chief Guest stressed the importance of English language. He illustrated the need to develop the communication skills and to have a good command of the English language. He gave various suggestions to master the language which were in fact useful.
  • A One Day National Seminar on “The Imbrications of Language in the Study of Literature, Criticism and Theory: An Overview” was organized on 20.02.2018. Dr.Samuel Rufus, Assistant Professor of English, Madras Christian College was the resource person.
  • Litex 2018 was held on 09.03.2018. Students exhibited various scenes from the plays of Shakespeare. The Literary Exhibition was followed by the Valedictory meeting of the English Literary Association.
  • An awareness programme was organized on 03.04.2018. Dr. Manohari gave a speech on health and hygiene.
  • The English Association conducted competitions like Pictorial Presentation of the Poem, Elocution, Essay Writing, and Verse Writing. Students from various departments actively participated in the competitions. The Valedictory Meeting of the English Association was held on April 6, 2018.
Departmental Activities of the academic year 2018-2019
  • The Inauguration of the English Literary Association and English Association was conducted on 18.07.2018. Dr. Adalyn George, formerly Professor, of our Department was the chief guest.
  • Dr.Priscilla Athiban presented a paper entitled “An Ecofeministic Reading of Aboriginal’s Grief in the Select Poems of Oodgeroo Noonuccal and Dorothy Hewett” in the International Conference on English Language and Literature, organized by English Division Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences and Bodhi International Journal of Research in Humanities, Arts and Science on 02.02 2018. She also presented the papers entitled “Not Created But Man Made Barriers: A Critical View of Culture in Buchi Emecheta’s The Bride Price” and “Impressions of Pre-Independence and Tumultuous India in Bapsi Sidwa’s Water in the International Conference on Recent Trends in Multi disciplinary Research, organized by IFCRP, Thoothukudi on 19th and 20th of April 2018
  • Students of English Literature participated in “Jolit Exuberare”, an Inter collegiate competition conducted by St.John’s College, Ammandivilai on 31.08.2017 and won prizes. They got the second prize in ‘Strange Meeting’ and ‘Literary Music’ and third prize in’ Literary Drama’ and ‘Literary Dance’.
  • A National Seminar on Women in Contemporary Indian Writing in English was organized on 04.10.2018. The Resource person Dr. Raghi, Assistant Professor of English, Pondicherry University, threw light on two great Indian women writers, Kamala Das and Anita Nair.
  • Thirty students of III B.A. English attended a seminar on Feminism and Feminist Writings at St. Teresa’s Arts and Science College for Women, Mangalakuntu119.9.2018.
  • Extension activities were carried out on 09-01-2019, 22-01-2019 and 25-01-2019 during which 3 sessions of acquisition of language skills were taught to the V Std students of the Home Church English Primary School, Nagercoil.
  • LITARENA 2019, Theatre Day and Intercollegiate competitions on theatrical skills (Literary Masquerade, Verse acting, Ballad singing, Literary dance and Tableau) were organized in Moderator Gnanadason Hall on 01-02-2019. 11 colleges from various parts of Kanyakumari District participated and Nesamony Memorial College, Marthandam won the rolling trophy.
  • On 07-02-2019, LITEX 2019 was conducted in which there was a splendid exhibition of literary characters and anecdotes presented by the students of I, II, III year UG English and I and II year PG English students.
  • The Department of English won the II Prize in the Interdepartmental competition for March Past during the College Annual Sports Meet held on 27-02-2019. The students of the Department of English also won the overall Trophy in the College Interdepartmental Fine Arts Competitions – WIDFAC 2019 for the year 2018-2019.
Departmental Activities of the academic year 2019-2020
  • The Inaugural function of the English Association and the English Literary Association for the academic year 2019-2020 was conducted on 06.8.2019. Dr. James R. Daniel, Former Principal of Scott Christian College, Nagercoil was the chief Guest.
  • Essay writing, Verse writing, short story Writing, Elocution, and Quiz competitions were conducted by the English Literary Association. Students participated in various Literary Intercollegiate competitions like Scotnival,at Scott Christian College, Nagercoil, Jolitfest at St. John’s College of Arts and Science, Ammandivilai and Hindfest at S.T.Hindu College, Nagercoil.
  • An International Conference on Social Consciousness in Literature was organized on 3.10.2019. Research Scholars from various colleges attended the Conference and also presented papers.
  • LITARENA 2020, Theatre Day, an Intercollegiate competitions on theatrical skills (Literary Masquerade, verse acting, ballad singing, literary Dance & Tableaux) were organized in Moderator Gnanadason Hall on 29.1.2020. 11 colleges from various parts of Kanyakumari District participated and Nesamony Memorial college, Marthandam won the rolling trophy.
  • On 11.2.2020, LITEX 2019 was conducted in which a splendid exhibition of literary characters and anecdotes was presented by both the UG and PG students of our Department.
  • The Department of English won the overall Trophy in the College Inter-Departmental Fine Arts Competitions for the year 2019-2020.
          The Department of English conducts Alumnae Meet every year. The young graduates gather with excitement. The air will be filled with reminiscence when everyone recollect their days in college. The alumnae share their current endeavours they are pursuing and express their gratitude to the professors for their support and guidance.